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Titelbild Nachhaltigkeit bei Rollei

responsibility for the environment

At Rollei, we are firmly convinced that you can only tackle a problem properly once you have recognized it as a problem and then defined how you have to change it..

This is also the case with climate change. We recognize that climate change and its serious consequences for all living beings on our planet are caused by humans. And we believe that this problem must require a new way of thinking from all of us. Whether private person or commercial enterprise.

It has therefore become a guiding principle for us that, in addition to relieving the burden on the environment, we also pay attention to waste avoidance and recyclability. This makes our products more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and of higher quality overall.

However, we are also aware that a moving train cannot go in the opposite direction at full speed. But: A U-turn also starts with a curve. We begin our personal curve by starting with what we can change at short notice.

For example, by protecting natural resources and therefore making sure to get by with paperless offices as far as possible and accordingly sensitizing our employees to use as little paper as possible.

But of course it doesn't stop there. Because the outer packaging of our products, which requires a lot of material for larger tripods, for example, we have changed as far as possible so that it does not use plastic. For some time now, this has also applied to the filling material in our shipping boxes, which is now made without plastic.

The reason for this: plastic takes an extremely long time to break down. And in the process, it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces. We urgently want to avoid this environmental damage.

Another measure that we have already tackled goes in this direction. Because now we work with partners who supply us with plastic collected from the sea to reduce the burden on the environment while doing good. Because we process this plastic further and in this way turn it back into raw materials from which we can then manufacture new products.

Our path is far from over, with these measures it is only just beginning. Little by little we will identify further points where we can start to make something better that may not have been so good before.

Step by step for our earth.

Your Rollei team