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Advance start on September 10th

The new Rollei 35 AF is coming

Vintage charm combines with modern functionality: the new compact analog camera roller egg 35 AF. A tribute to the timeless elegance of the original Rollei 35. Experience analog photography in perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity.

Ready to breathe new life into this legendary analog camera?

Register now on September 10, 2024 and secure the Rollei 35 AF for 849 euros!

Due to the elaborate production of the analog camera, there will only be a limited number at the beginning. Delivery will take place from mid -October.

Analog photographing with more functionality

The innovations of our Rollei 35 AF at a glance:

Rollei 35 Rollei 35s Neue Rollei 35 AF
Fokus Zonenfokus Zonenfokus LiDAR-Autofokus
(stetig ab 70cm-∞)
Linse 4-Element-Glaslinse 5-Element-Glaslinse 5-Element-Glaslinse
Brennweite 40mm / f3.5 40 mm / f2.8 35 mm / f2.8
Automatische Belichtung Nein Nein Ja
Eingebauter Blitz Nein Nein Ja
Selbstauslöser Nein Nein Ja
Display Nein Nein OLED-Display

Fine grain, excellent sharpness and high resolution:

Our range offers a diverse selection of first-class black and white films that are suitable for all areas of application and lighting conditions and meet the highest demands.

  • Paul and Reinhold

    Celebrate 100 years of rolling with the Paul & Reinhold Doppack: ISO 640 Film for Available-Light, Action, and Street Photography. Two cassettes offer diverse exposure space for their creative ideas.

  • Rollei Superpan

    Highly sensitive and pushbar to ISO 400, ideal for high -contrast motifs in poor light. With an extended red area up to 750 Nm, excellent sharpness, fine grain for outstanding image quality.

  • Rollei Ortho 25 Plus

    Extremely fine -grained and high -resolution: ISO 25 film, expandable by two blinds, ideal for portraits, still lifes and landscapes. Orthochromatic and precise, perfect for technical and scientific applications.

  • Rollei RPX line

    Available in ISO 25, 100 and 400, this film offers fine details and bad lighting conditions. High resolution, finest grain and flexible exposure make it versatile and perfect for all light conditions.

  • Rollei retro line

    Available in ISO 80 and ISO 400: High sharpness and fine grain, ideal for negative and black and white slides. Transparent PET carrier material offers the best results.

  • Rollei Blackbird

    Hochauflösende Ergebnisse, exzellente Schärfe und feinstes Korn bei niedriger Empfindlichkeit. Seine dramatische Lichtwiedergabe und detaillierte Durchzeichnung sorgen für lebendige Kontraste und beeindruckende Bilder.

  • Kodak Gold 200

    Optimal für normale Lichtverhältnisse, liefert dieser Film hohe Schärfe für präzise und detailreiche Aufnahmen. Mit 36 Bildern pro Rolle bietet er hervorragende Farbsättigung, sowie exzellente Vergrößerungsfähigkeit für erstklassige Drucke.

  • Kodak Ultra Max 400

    Der Farbnegativfilm bietet hohe Empfindlichkeit für jede Lichtbedingung und liefert leuchtende, lebendige Farben für detailreiche Fotos. Mit 36 Aufnahmen pro Rolle garantiert er Kodak-typische, zuverlässige und konsistente Bildqualität.