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Lux series: creative possibilities in photo and video

LUX-Serie: Kreative Möglichkeiten in der Foto- und Videografie

LED permanent lights, like our Superkompacts Lux series, have become indispensable tools in the world of photography and video. They open not only professionals, but also beginners new creative horizons. But what makes these permanent lights so special and why should you record them in your creative toolbox? In this blog post we immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our Lux-permanent lights and show what diverse possible uses they offer. 

Lux: versatile and entry -friendly 

LED permanent lights, such as our Lux series, enable uniform and constant lighting that allows photographers and videoographers to optimally showcase their motif. These lights are not only energy -efficient, but also easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners. Regardless of whether you are just starting photography or are an experienced professional, LED permanent lights offer you the flexibility to get the best out in every situation. 

A great advantage of our Lux series is its versatility. They can be used in almost any recording situation, from food photography to Vlogging. Are you missing ideas on how you can best use your lux luxury light? Don't worry, we have put together a variety of applications and examples for you. 

Creative uses for Lux-permanent lights 

Food photography 

In food photography, the lighting is crucial to highlight the texture and freshness of the food. With Lux-permanent lights you can place the light exactly where you need it, so minimize shadows and make the colors of the dishes shine. An uniform light ensures that every detail of your court comes into play, which can make a big difference, especially on social media and Instagram.


People photography 

In People photography, lighting plays a central role in capturing the personality and emotions of the motif. Lux-permanent lights offer the possibility of gently and evenly to the face, which avoids unwanted shadows and supports natural charisma. Thanks to the simple adjustment of the light intensity and color, you can create various moods and looks that make your portraits unique.

Product photography 

In product photography, it is important to present every detail and nuance of a product. Lux-permanent lights enable precise lighting that products presented in their best light. Due to the constant light source, you can better control reflections and highlights, which is particularly advantageous for glossy surfaces. This makes your product photos not only more professional, but also more appealing for potential customers. 

Animal photography 

Animals are often difficult to photograph because they are constantly on the move. With Lux-permanent lights, however, you can continuously illuminate without changing the lighting conditions, which makes it easier to capture the perfect moment. The gentle and flicker -free lighting is less annoying for animals, which makes you feel more comfortable and behave more naturally. The result is authentic and expressive animal photos. 

Animal photography with Rollei Lux-Teuerlichten

© Olivia Rosendahl @olivias_pfotografie 


Good lighting is essential for vlogger to create professional and appealing videos. Lux-permanent lights offer the perfect solution here because they ensure constant and even illumination. Regardless of whether you are easy to transport inside or outdoors, the LED permanent lights are easy to transport and easy to handle. They ensure that they always appear in the best light, which significantly improves the quality of their videos. 


LED permanent lights and ours Lux-lights are extremely versatile and can be of great benefit to almost any shoot, regardless of what they plan to implement. They offer a reliable and flexible lighting solution that supports your creativity and raises your recordings to the next level.  

Become creative yourself and please share your results with us on social media. Link to us Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook at @rollei_de and use the hashtag #rolleimoments. We are looking forward to your creative results! 


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