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Two innovations from Rollei:Lion Rock"Black Edition"and L-Bracket for the Nikon Z6/Z7

Titelbild Pressemitteilung vom 13.03.2020

Top class of Rollei tripods in an exclusive look

Can you make something beautiful even more beautiful You can: Rollei presents a Black Edition of the successful Lion Rock tripods. The ideal outdoor tripods for professional photographers and ambitious semi-pros also live up to their name in chic black and remain as strong as a lion. Another innovation is Rollei's first specific L-angle for the Nikon Z6 / Z7./ Z7.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, March 13th, 2020 Rollei, the market leader for tripods, presents the three most popular Lion Rock tripods as a Black Edition. The proven Lion Rock tripods Traveler S, Traveler L and Lion Rock 25 Mark II are now available in elegant black. With double seals in the leg segment, they are weatherproof and, thanks to the angled stainless steel spikes, which are optimally anchored in the ground, they are also extremely stable and low-vibration. The carbon tubes make the lions easy to transport, with their load capacity of 10 kilograms (Lion Rock Traveler S) to 25 kilograms (Lion Rock 25 Mark II) being absolutely remarkable. A special treat is that the Lion Rock 25 Mark II Black Edition is now also supplied with a ball head.wird.

The first specific L-angle from Rollei

After the universal L-Bracket, Rollei is now presenting the first specific L-Bracket for the Nikon Z6 / Z7. An L-angle is an indispensable accessory in many photo situations. The angle specially designed for the Nikon Z6 / Z7 from Rollei fits the camera perfectly and enables an uncomplicated change between portrait and landscape format. While precise cutouts keep all of the camera's connections accessible, the vertical rail can also be moved sideways, so that even the thickest cable can still reach the connections. Of course, the new L-angle is compatible with Arca-Swiss and offers a ¼-inch connection for additional accessories. If the camera is fully functional, the L bracket is therefore a practical companion. Designed by Rollei, the bracket is made of high-quality aluminum and is available at 69.99



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Produktbild Stativ Lion Rock Black Edition

Produktbild L-Winkel für Nikon Z6 und Z7