Geschenkideen zu Weihnachten für Fotografie-Begeisterte

Christmas gift ideas for photographers

Weihnachten ist eine wirklich besondere Zeit. Es ist eine Zeit der Besinnlichkeit und der Nächstenliebe, egal, ob man nun religiös ist oder nicht. Es ist eine Zeit des Herunterfahrens und des Loslassens von Alltagsstress. Man findet zueinander und zeigt sich gegenseitige Zuneigung. 

Und das natürlich nicht zuletzt auch durch Geschenke. Dabei stellt man sich jedes Jahr aufs Neue die Frage, was der oder demjenigen wohl gefallen könnte.

Christmas is a really special time. It is a time of reflection and charity, whether you are religious or not. It is a time of coming down and letting go of everyday stress. One finds one another and shows mutual affection. And of course, not least through strong gifts. Every year you ask yourself anew what you would like to give him or her.

Great gift ideas for every photographer.

This question can easily be answered if the presentees are photographers. Because then we can justifiably claim that we have really good gifts for photographers on offer. Are you looking for things that every photographer needs? Then we have the Must have for photographers..

As already mentioned, of course you first have to think about what he or she might be happy about for Christmas. Of course, we all know what a great gift photography already is. And in order to be able to use this gift properly, you need the right equipment.

Gift ideas for beginners in photography

beginning your photographic career? Or right in the middle of it?

You can start, for example, by acquiring a few basics that you can always use. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our photo backpacks or our popular camera cleaning set. Our customers also attach great importance to handy lights, such as our Lumen Pocket RGB, the Lumen Pocket Bi-Color or our Lumen Square. All of these products provide great light on the move and are always a good gift for photographers who are just starting their career or are in the middle of it. At this point it makes sense (if you prefer to take pictures with your mobile phone) to use our smartphone tripods. We also have a few particularly good examples of these in stock. For example our Monkey Pod 2 or our Comfort Max.

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Gift ideas for bloggers and YouTuber

Hobby with potentially high reach: Blogs

Blogs are becoming more and more important (and that's also a great gift idea). This term is derived from the word weblog, which means internet diary. Individual internet articles are written on specific topics. For example, we also have at Rollei a blog which deals with the subject of photography in general. Blogs and vlogs on the subject of cosmetics have a wide reach. However, accessories for this area are not only cool Christmas presents for girls, but in the meantime they are also altogether cool gift ideas for teenagers, as the boundaries of interest are very fluid nowadays and all genders are interested in the same topics.

But there are also blogs on many other topics. For example, there are Food Blogs.
The Food Blogger or the Food Bloggerin deals mainly with food, the preparation of dishes and often gives tips for recipes and guides through the whole cooking or baking process of a dish. Often use Food Blogger Youtube or also Instagram.

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Smooth shots and the perfect light for videos and photos

For this group of photographers and videographers we have for example our Steady Butler Mobile 2. This is a smartphone gimbal which, thanks to various motors integrated into the device, is particularly good at compensating for movements made, for example, when filming. So you can simply hook your mobile phone into the gimbal and record smooth videos while you are walking, because the gimbal counteracts the jerking. Of course, you can also take photos very well with it, as it also serves as a tripod.

For bloggers and vloggers alike, our Lumen Ring is equally suitable at this point. A RGB-ring light that can conjure up wonderful 'Angel Eyes' in your eyes. This means that your pupil is framed by a round light, which looks particularly aesthetic to the human eye. A great gift for youtubers and photographers.

Gifts for hobby photographers. Discover, for example, among many other gift ideas, our extremely popular Lensballs. These are all-glass balls through which you can take photos with your DSLR, DSLM or even smartphone camera and achieve truly amazing perspectives. Or take a look at our Lumen Stick. This is an LED stick luminaire with a total of 264 LEDs, which provides you not only with warm light but also white light and RGB. This makes the art of light painting child's play for you.

You are welcome to read our blog post on this topic. (German)

Gift ideas for landscape and nature photographers

Gift ideas you can use for nature photography

A wonderful field of photography is also nature photography. Anyone who has ever been out and about photographing fallow deer, red deer or even birds of prey knows how beautiful such an excursion can be. Here too, we have written a animal photography article (German) for you. And here too we can tell you that we also have Gifts for nature photographers on offer.

For example, it is particularly important to have a strong tripod for nature photography. The reason for this is that this tripod not only has to carry the camera but also the lens. And telephoto lenses in this area of photography must of course have a particularly long focal length so that you don't frighten the animals you want to photograph.

A gimbal head can also be useful here so that you can move the combination of large lens and camera smoothly and easily. We have such a head with our popular Lion Rock gimbal head L naturally also on offer.

Nature photography does not necessarily always mean animal photography. If you would like to photograph your surroundings, for example in the form of a panorama, we can recommend our panorama head 200 Mark II in the updated version. This will make every panorama picture absolutely easy for you.

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Gift ideas for professional photographers

Advanced category: Gift ideas for professional photographers

As a last category we have the section Gifts for professional photographers for you. There you will find accessories that are designed to meet the needs of experienced photographers, but which under certain circumstances also hobby photographers may dare to use. These include, for example, our 'FX: Pro'-Filter, with which you can create wonderfully beautiful long exposures through which, for example, water becomes blurred and a flowing movement becomes visible.

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Everything for the home studio: Studio flash, continuous light, light shaper, lamp tripod

For professionals who have their own home studio, we have our powerful Studio flash HS Freeze 6s for you, which has a recycling time of 0.9 seconds. It also comes with an extra powerful battery for up to 500 releases at full power, Bowens connection and a handy modeling light and many other practical features.

In the category you will also find strong permanent lights, light shapers or lamp tripods and cleaning sets for professional photographers.

Do you have any questions about other gift ideas? Then we will be happy to help you at any time. Your team from Rollei

Photos by:

Mikael Blomkvist
Kyle Loftus
Brady Knoll
Any Lane
Rachel Claire
Eberhard Grossgasteiger

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