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New Viltrox lens (56mm) on test - and the bokeh?"Very, very smooth".

Neues Viltrox-Objektiv (56 mm) im Test − und das Bokeh? „Sehr, sehr smooth“.

Anna Münzebrock |

Also to the new one 56mm lens (APS-C), the Rollei in collaboration with viltrox is currently bringing to the market Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner made a review on YouTube.

The lens also exists for Fuji and also as 33mm variantwho we here have linked.

While Stephan Wiesner dealt with the individual properties of the lens busy, he goes into the metal processing of the lens, for example, which, he says, makes the lens Very high quality feels. The processing of the glass also plays a role, as the professional photographer explains. Then he devotes himself to the very nicely presented in the video bokeh, which he as „very, very smooth“ describes. That is clearly the case. I would sayl up to aperture 2.0 is that very nice if you have flowers in the background or if you have lights you can really great portraits do with it.“

56 mm Viltrox Objektiv mit unterschiedlichen Blenden

Also the special one fast autofocus Wiesner explains very nicely in the video, sometimes focusing the camera on a houseplant, sometimes on a picture on the wall, sometimes on a mannequin. Every time he hits Autofocus reliably the desired target and quickly focuses on the subject. Of course, as is usual in videos by Stephan Wiesner on this subject, he also photographed a test chart again, on which you can see that everything is sharp. The photographer agrees with this result „very satisfied“, as he explains.

Rollei Viltrox-Objektiv 56mm

ISO exposure time focal length cover
100 1/125 sec 56mm 1.4


Conclusion: „It is a standard lens for portrait photography and that's exactly what you can do very, very well with it, explains Wiesner. That too The professional photographer likes the price-performance ratio. This performance in the price range is not a matter of course..“

You will receive the test charts from Stephan Wiesner's video here. 


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